"The first adventure is the most exciting..." Tel Grimm

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The Kingdom of Sarant


To Kingdom Map The human kingdom, ruled by King Christoph Fristis, is called Sarant. The Throne sits in Paran, the nation's capitol. Surrounding the capitol is The Great Valley, lush farmland home to many ranchers, farmers, and woodsmen. Those who live in the region are called the Paranese.
The northern territory is settled by the Norse, but ruled by Paran's Throne. They are rustic folk, but have more than survived in the rocky and weather-worn region. Originally from the Lost Isles, the Norse people spread into the main continent and were conquered by the Paranese a few hundred years ago. The people of the region still hold the Elders of the Clans in high esteem and hold their law above the Throne of Paran.
In the southern fields are the Celtic tribes. They also fell to the superior military of the Paranese in the not too recent past, but still hold to their original beliefs, following the Druid Council and the King of the Fields. The complex nomadic and territorial folk live close to the land and tend to shun cities, though more modern Celts have migrated into the cities of Skullrock, Farach, and Mereport.

The Lone Summit

To Spire MapThe area surrounding Scatterwalk Keep is mixed terrain. To the south is the Southspire Swamp a viscious region of lizardmen, ghastly giants, and secret cults. To enter the growing swamp is to wish for a slow death.
To the west is the Lonely Summit; a spur of stone shooting into the sky, home to creatures of nature and beasts of horror. The caves are home to scatter, golden eagles, goblins and worse, but hold two special features. One is Lucky's Strike, a norse mining camp and home to Tel's father.
To the east is the Westfields and the town of Longday. Just off the trade route, a day's travel by road from Skullrock, lies the sleepy village of Longday. Well stocked for such a small town, Longday sees heavy traffic of merchants and adventurers.
To the north is the southern tip of Edgewood, the wildest regions of the forest known for werecreatures and orc raiders. Though full of deadly enemies and few allies, the Keep remains a safehaven for those who must brave the wood.

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