"The first adventure is the most exciting..." Tel Grimm

The Calendar

Date Event Origin
January 8 Begin 1st Term Academy
February 14 Festival of Mists Human/Elves
March 21 Ostara Truefolk
March 27 End 1st Term Academy
April 1 All Fools Day Human
April 3 Begin 2nd Term Academy
May 1 Beltaine Truefolk
June 20 End 2nd Term Academy
June 21 Midsummer Truefolk
June 27 Begin 3rd Term Academy
July 4 Schneglevat Gnome
August 7 Harvest Festival Human
September 17 End 3rd Term Academy
September 18 The Wine Festival Human/Elves
September 24 Begin 4th Term Academy
November 1 Festival of Shadows Truefolk
December 11 End 4th Term Academy
December 25 Midwinter Truefolk

Claim a residency in Scatterwalk's Dormitories, where lodging for students is free. You will be assigned chores around the keep, but the Academy feeds, houses and even pays it's students in exchange for the minimal labor expected. Otherwise, you may choose to rent lodgings in town with your pay, though the trip is rarely safe after dark. The rooms in town really aren't THAT bad. (Though I would suggest the Roost, unless you enjoy raucious brawls at all hours; if you do the Poisoned Goblin is the place for you.)

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