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The original members of the Band of the Bard made a vow to be the best at what they did or die proving it. That moment was the birth of the Oath and Academy. The Oath is no mere sworn loyalty, as the Academy is no mere training camp. There is a greater purpose behind it all. The Upheaval is coming. The War of Rival Kings is nigh. The Manteis, the druid prophets, among others, have said this for decades and most citizens have forgotten the import of these words. Since the time of Saranti, The Human-Dragon, fore-bearer of the human kingdoms, these prophecies have been retold, but they have changed form, been redefined by prophets of many eras and no longer resemble the words of our ancestors. The prophecies of the ancient ones, the True-folk, spoke of this time and warned of the possibilities. The visions of the war-torn nations, the suffering of the masses and the threat to humanity these events will cause is all there in horrific detail. The desperation of our times can be felt in the very air. It is a part of us and even the most close-minded of us can not fail to feel the tension of the people. It is this coming suffering that caused the creation of our Keep and our Academy. In the coming times it will not be the Kings that decide our fate, it will be masses. The disillusioned, the cast-out, the displaced are scattered throughout the kingdom and in the coming chaos they will decide to what lengths we fall. This is their bastion, the last place of hope for the coming tragedy. We owe no loyalty to one single king or nation. We are calm center of the storm, the rock upon which the weary rest.

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