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In the human kingdom of Sarant are 3 very different regions. The northern region, called Vikaran, is a mountainous area populated by tough warriors well versed in living in the cold clime. In the central region is a city named Paran, which holds the throne and is the capital of the kingdom of Sarant. Surrounding Paran are the Ten Counties, each a small fief of its own. The ten Counts and the King hold the vast majority of power and wealth throughout the kingdom. This region is by far the most technically advanced and conquered the neighboring regions which were once kingdoms all their own. In the south is a region known as the Southern Fields, bordered to the east and west by seas and to the south by the elven kingdom. It holds vast open reaches of grassland, which is home to a druidic culture who maintain huge herds of cattle.

Running along the western shore of most the kingdom is the Calm Sea, an inland sea which borders every kingdom. The unclaimed and uninviting forest of Edgewood sprawls along a large stretch of this shore from the western edge of the Ten Counties to just before the southern city of SkullRock. Just before reaching the city, the forest narrows and becomes a thick boggy swamp, called SouthSpire Swamp due to the solitary mountain shooting straight into the sky at the very southwestern point of the forest. Ernyer Keep lies in this untamed area in the center of the border between the swamp and forest as far from the shores to the west and open fields to the east as possible.

Called the Spire, the mountain on the western shores of the Calm Sea was home to many dark creatures including a powerful trio of hags, many beasts from the depths and an ancient coven of vampires. All of these denizens were destroyed by the Band of the Bard before founding the Academy at the keep. The mountain lair of the hags now holds the necromancers guild of the Academy on the southern face of the mountain. On the northern face lies The Strike, a town built around the mine which was founded by the Lord of Ernyer's father. It is a small port exclusively used by the keep and the mine.

In SouthSpire Swamp lies the the rogue-filled town of Haven. Once destroyed by the Masters of Scatterwalk Academy to end the raiding done to travelers on the nearby roads, the town has been rebuilt and grown to support the shadier aspects of the Academy.

South of the swamp, the great city of SkullRock is largest southern port on the Calm Sea, but sees little traffic from the citizens of the keep. A day's travel north from SkullRock on the Furriers Road is the town of LongDay. Once a small village, LongDay has boomed since the founding of the Academy. It lies just outside the forest on Edgewood's eastern border, the starting point of a meandering trail leading to the keep. The goods produced by the Academy make their way through this town to the rest of the kingdom. This trade led to the growth of the town and increased the prosperity of its people. The townsfolk have developed an allegiance to the Academy as a result.

Though not a part of any region of the kingdom specifically, Scatterwalk Academy has the support of each of the major cultures and maintains its independence from them all. The Academy has become one of the most lucrative areas in the entire kingdom, despite living deep in the dangerous territory of Edgewood. This has not kept Scatterwalk Academy from growing, but the threats of the region have kept any nobles from attempting to claim dominion of the area.

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