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"The first adventure is the most exciting..." Tel Grimm

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Every traveler knows that at the end of a long journey one needs rest and respite from the harshness of the outside world. You won't find that here. You will, in fact, meet dangers at every turn, never knowing whom to trust. What you will find is a warm bed, a hot meal and new adventures awaiting you if you are daring. Can you rise to a challenge? Are you willing to learn from your many, many mistakes? Here you must be useful or be dead. Our realm is not without its dangers, but there is little reward to be had without risk. That is how Scatterwalk Academy builds the greatest heroes of the realm. Are you ready to be elite?

Accommodations at Ernyer Keep are for those the world has turned away. Be warned, the keep is home to the finest and worst the world can offer. Your safety is your own concern as you wander the grounds. You will answer to any one of our Guild Masters and pay heed to their instructions, lest your life be the price of your pride! Of course there are spells and wards to keep members safe from outside dangers, but creatures do slip through the protections from time to time, so take your life into your hands and join us.

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Last Rites of Reality...

Scatterwalk Academy has grown exponentially over the decade of our advancement and we are currently on the verge of bringing something new and exciting to fantasy enthusiasts all over the world. We were proud to have players from all over the world for our text-based RPG, but now we offer you a free membership in our new MMORPG realm. It has always been our mission and honor to assist new players in every aspect of learning the ropes, as well as assisting seasoned RPers to fully develop their characters in new and exciting experience. We offer you the chance to be a part of the best that gaming has to offer.

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