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The Creatures of Edgewood


The creatures of the realm are not all monsters, but quite a few deadly animals of both fantastic and mundane natures reside near the Academy. The leading Master in studying the animals and creatures of the land is Instructor Sorlen. In his Bestiary you will find descriptions on the various oddities of the region.

Feline Beasts of Edgewood
Flying Beasts of Edgewood
Strange Beasts of Edgewood


Of all the Masters at Scatterwalk Academy, one investigates the differences between similar races of humanoids. Master ThysiasKyn's focus on humanoid nature may be odd, but his knowledge of various fey and demi-human races is unchallenged at the Academy. His studies on Humanoids is perhaps the best in the Library.

Diminuative Humanoids
Halfling Studies
Gnomish Studies

The Legends of Scatterwalk have more information on the humanoids and monsters of the area.

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