The Blades

Resources of the Blades

The Master

To be a Blade requires both dedication and training. No blademaster was ever born, they are created from those who possess the aptitude for excellence. To become great in the field of the Blade requires intense study and continuous pratice.

I have included several sites that may help to continue your studies outside the course lessons and included the Keep and the main resources used by the instructor.

Scatterwalk Library
Scatterwalk Keep
Guide to the Guilds
Virtual Tour

For new members to join or for current students to stay informed checking back with the Academy is advised.

Academy Faculty and Student List

If you are interested in songs of the land, go to: Songs of Iquz

For maps of the kingdom and region: Maps of Sarant

For more information on Bardic Knowledge see: Eleri Ystudfach's Resource List

I am Baron Vont Uslik the Exiled Blade