The Blades

History of the Blademaster

The Master

The Baron Vont Uslik The Former Lord Baron Vont Uslik of the Empire of Blood

Vont Uslik takes many forms and rarely retakes his original body. Those who wish to speak ill of him may find themselves making their comments to the Blademaster himself. The exiled Baron from the Empire of Blood has found a home in the Southspire Swamps, after a long journey across the Calm Sea and several misadventures in Skullrock. Originally he joined the bandits of the swamp, but found their crude ways too much like those he had left behind in the Empire. Vont Uslik, a towering 10 foot tall ogre mage, often hides his true form when dealing with strangers, prefering the form of a half-orc, though he wears his silken robe and jacket over his studded leather armor, however he appears. His white hair hides under a gilded leather cap, but his purple eyes are unmistakable. The lute he carries is for show, he has little skill in it's use, as a bard his true instruments are the dual scimitars and many hand axes, daggers and knives he always carries. His staff is an oddity, it is the proper length, but one end bears a very sharp point and the other has several hooks splayed out in odd directions.

Scotch The Exiled Blade, The Guardian of Southspire Swamp

When indoors his familiar, a giant eagle named Scotch, soars overhead. When travelling through the swamp or in his dwelling, a hollow on the shore of Diamond Lake, Scotch is on his shoulder or perched on a nearby tree watching the bards every move. Uslik can be seen wandering the swamp or the forest on most occasions, but on the Festival of the Mists he is performing on the street corners of Skullrock , during the other festivals he can be found in Longday doing his tumbling act, tightrope walking or juggling nearly a dozen razor sharp hand axes. His demeanor in his half-orc form and any time except during performances is quiet and unobtrusive. While performing or in his true form his confidence and arrogance comes fully to light. He has a good heart and seeks to live without the mindless bloodshed and violence of his kind, however, he does enjoy the brutal slaying of evil.

I am Baron Vont Uslik the Exiled Blade