The Blades

Lessons of the Blades

The Master

Year One Lessons

Basic Entertainment
You will learn beginning instruments, vocals, juggling, and dance. All are designed to give you the ability to capture the full attention of all bystanders and audience members. You will also be taught to choose the mood of the occasion and to influence the mood of the audience. For examples of common songs: Songs

Intro to Tumbling
In basic tumbling the student learns balance for use in tightrope walking and acts of acrobatics. From basic defensive tumbling maneuvers to more advanced attacking dives, all aspects of novice tumbling are covered laying a foundation for the more advanced tactics taught by the Blademaster in the second and third year.

The weapons of the Blades are many, but the basic introduction to knives and thrown daggers is covered in this course. The hidden spring-blades and folding knives of the Blades are quickly introduced. Mainly, the course teaches basic fighting tactics in armed combat and surprise attack strategies.

I am Baron Vont Uslik the Exiled Blade