The Blades

The Baron's Blades

The Master

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The Blades are a guild of street performers and travelling minstrels that wander the lands in search of adventure and treasure. Though bards usually seek the security of a wealthy patron, the Blades have no such need. They prefer to go their own way and earn their wealth through deed not song. This guild is not for the weak of heart. The skills you will learn are not well known and will lead you to wild adventure and unforeseen encounters. With skill in weapons, acrobatics and misdirection, there is little that takes the Blades unprepared.

Bards are Performers
It is true that bards are performers and as Blades we are bards and therefore performers. However we are not singers, dancers and musicians. We entertain through feats of daring and skill; juggling flaming knives, walking a tightrope blindfolded, jumping from rooftop to rooftop across town. We are those who are held in esteem not for the gifts bestowed by the gods, but for the training we have endured to reach this level of skill.

I am Baron Vont Uslik the Exiled Blade