The Many Guilds

The Berserks are a group of melee warriors, many of whom can invoke the warrior-fury to do amazing damage.

The Woodland Wolfpack are archers and scouts, they are also skilled at skirmishing tactics and mixing weapons and magic.

The Trackless are woodsmen and scouts, able to track and hunt as no other can, they specialize in natural lore and stealth.

The Wayward are mercenary warriors trained in all forms of large scale and personal combat.

The Arcane are enchanters. They use empowered weapons and magical enhancements with devastating skill.

Dragonstar is an enclave of true wizards trained in ancient spells with instantaneous and destructive effect.

The Divine Order is a diverse group of those who follow the belief in the gods of good led by Keeper Ystudfach.

The Necrolix are quite powerful and dark in purpose. They follow the Lord of Undeath and study the unholy art of Necromancy.

The Sneaks are pickpockets, cutpurses and snatch-thieves. They are skilled at sleight-of-hand and confidence schemes.

The Blades are an uncommon group of rogues. They are entertainers specialized in weaponmastery and physical feats.

Of all the journeys one takes in a lifetime, those taken with friends are the easiest to bear.