The Trackless

The Trackless Rangers of Master Sorlen

About the Master

Master Ramp Sorlen is from the Great Valley, where the human crown resides. He has journeyed through every region in the kingdom and is a skilled guide through Edgewood. He teaches tracking and avoiding leaving a trail, as well as woodland knowledge and hunting skills. He has little to say on any occasion, but teaches in a hands-on manner rather than lecturing and recitation. He often leads the Trackless deep into the forests and vanishes, leaving them to find their way. He has never lost a student, nor has one come to harm on these exercises, but to depend on only yourself is the nature of the lessons. Independence is also the motto of this warrior, one he never fails to instill in his students.

Home of the Trackless

The Trackless

The Trackless are the unseen masters of the wilderness. They are rangers, guides, woodsmen, and scouts. They vary in race and homeland, but their understanding of nature and it's beasts is unparalleled. Though the teachings of the Master focus on self-reliance, the Trackless realize that many can do what one cannot accomplish, so they remain loyal to one-another and to the master of their misunderstood guild. They are trained woodsmen and also skilled fighters with both range and melee weapons. To be hunted by the Trackless is to have no future.


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Of all the journeys one takes in a lifetime, those taken with friends are the easiest to bear.