The Divine Order

The Divine Order

About the Master

Eleri Ystudfach, Bard of Edgewood, Southland Skald, Keeper of Scatterwalk and Master of the Academy is a busy and often missing leader. The child of a Celtic noble and a Norse warrior, Eleri is a bard without a people. As the chairman of the faculty for the Academy and sister to the owner of the Keep, all students and teachers are Eleri's dominion. All must seek approval from the Office of the Bard to be accepted to the Academy. This sounds more difficult than perhaps it is, simply because behind the seemingly unseeing eyes that play across all that is happening lies a thoughtful and quick mind. Though called soft-hearted by friends and close relatives, the Southland's Skald shows none of that emotion to those watching. Only the sound of pan pipes gently playing a soft melody that often wafts through the corridors near the Office tells of any imagination or contemplation on the part of the Keeps master. Enemies know of the steel determination and true ferocity of the gentle leader, they can not imagine a more deadly or viscous foe.

Scatterwalk Keep

Home of the Divine Order

The Divine Order of Manteis

The Order of the Green's members are as varied as their Master's blood. They include Celtic druids and bards, Norse skalds and Runecasters, and even druids of nature and rangers. They are all united in the common purpose of protecting their families and the natural order found in nature. They seek to keep the world natural and free of pollution and the corrupting influence of greed. All are good or neutral in mindset but will fight to defend those things that nature has decried sacred. Eleri's own faith, that of Correll the Green Man, is the Celtic belief and coincides with the nature-loving druids and rangers, and curiously the neutral mindset of the skalds and Runecasters. All do not necessarily follow Correll, but their beliefs in his tenets of faith truly keep them united. They are constantly fighting the encroachment of the vile orc and goblin raiders and even keep the dreaded Stalkers from taking hold of the area.


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Of all the journeys one takes in a lifetime, those taken with friends are the easiest to bear.