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Quiet and reserved, as many wizards are, the members of the Dragonstar would scarcely be noticed around Scatterwalk Keep if they didn't dress in flame colored robes and mutter near constantly. They are focused in their pursuit of magical mastery and have as purpose as their leader, Darkstar. They are fiercely loyal to her and few will abide insults to her in their presence. The Dragonstar magelings are dedicated to magic in any form and knowledge of all things both commonly and uncommonly known. Each student has chosen a field in which to specialize in gaining their knowledge and they spend long nights sitting around the hearth or at a table in the library exchanging lore and discussing discovered documents. They are a guild of the learned and are skilled in magecraft beyond any other in the keep.

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Of all the journeys one takes in a lifetime, those taken with friends are the easiest to bear.