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Welcome to the guild of the sneaks and pickpockets. We are not the most honest of folk, but we are not bandits nor villains.

The world is full of those who work hard to earn a measley living. They eke out a pathetic existence to keep them and their families fed. We are not so foolish. When opportunity knocks we answer, when a gold coin or a full purse is unwatched, it becomes ours. We exploit everyone and everything to enrich our fortune. Life holds no boundaries and laws hold no meaning. You are fortunate to have chosen the path of the intelligent, if not the popular.

A dragon's hoard, a lord's treasury, or a high temple's vault; all hold treasures and coin that hold us over for a time, but a thief's curse is one of endless, wanton greed.

If this mind-set is one that appeals to you, then you have chosen wisely. Welcome. We were waiting for you.

Many work to achieve greatness.
The answer is because they were too stupid to do it dishonestly.

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