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Legends of Zigny the Bolt

Zigny and the SouthHold Seige; Hold Yer Nose

   Master Zigny ordered several of his men to take Yshtra's body to the Sparkling Chamber with the gnomish dead to await burial in the Soul Mines. He then turned to the remaining cold watch and sent them to burn the goblin bodies from the first fight and return with the half-goblin prisoner. He and Reke quickly discussed how to procede and decided to take two trackers with them and sneak up the tunnel to see for themselves. Both were adept at remaining unseen and unheard, even by the most sensative ears. They chose two of the scouts and sent the rest of the warm watch to gather the wounded in the reinforced Guardhouse. Before they left they took Glurm, their first goblin prisoner , to be locked away with the others in the storage chamber.
   Reke, Zigny and their entourage stepped lightly up the tunnel. They come across a breach in the wall of the tunnel and a few bodies of dark elves and goblins caught by the gnomish traps as they travelled the length of the Bright Door Road. Nearing the gate into Sparkside, Zigny ordered Reke and the others to wait and proceeded alone. He could see several dark elf guards whispering amongst themselves, ignoring the passage they were set to defend. He got close to them without their sharp ears detecting his presence. He understood the language of the dark elves in a limited fashion, but understood them to be talking about the "other fronts of the seige" and massed attack at the Cavern. Zigny knew the southern gate was incredibly reinforced and the ceiling was set to fall in on the tunnel should the door be breached. He feared being detected, however he needed to know if the collapse had been triggered.

   He crept farther into the passage and found himself hiding in an alcove listening to the commander of the guard discussing the seige. The ceiling trap was known to the elves and they simply held their position to maintain the seige. The real fighting was going on at the Cavern Wall, where the gnomes thought they were least vulnerable. The orders of the north and south fronts was to wait for a gnomish attack of desperation and to cut off any retreat. The drow commander order his second to collect a portion of the host to reinforce the main attack. Zigny hurried back up the tunnel to his men. He orders the two trackers to follow the group bound for the Cavern and to report the situation once there.
   Reke and Zigny return to the guardhouse and wait for the men to gather from their various duties. The warmwatch assembles as soon as the Master is seen entering the chamber. Zigny turns to Reke and lays out his plan. Reke instantly looks frustrated at the daring plan. He is to take the coldwatch to the above ground entrance to the town and report to C'Mander Deviskopal. He does like the idea of going through the hidden entrance while Zigny leads the warmwatch into the hidden tunnels and prepares to collapse the side corridors, effectively separating the southern front from the others. C'Mander Derviskopal is to open the southgate and pour an assault force into the isolated dark elves, while Zigny and his men rush into their flank.
   "You must take at least half of the coldwatch, as well," said Reke, matter-of-factly. Zigny started to decline, but stopped himself. He would need every warrior he could get.

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