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The Wayward
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Skills, abilities and training of the Wayward


The first lesson of the Wayward is of melee weapons. The course begins with training in swords and polearms, then progresses to hand axes and daggers. Finally, styles of fighting are introduced; including two-handed styles and sword-dancing, as well as, ambush techniques and very basic hand-to-hand combat.

All guildmembers are required to be proficient each of these weapons and styles before advancing to the next course. Mastery of these techniques is neccesary before students are granted full membership to the guild. Advanced combat techniques follow in the 2nd year and continue until graduation. This class is the mainstay of the guild.

Ranged Weapons
Secondary only to swordsmanship, range mastery is one of the most vital skills of the Wayward. Though thorough training with every range weapon isn't mandatory, each student must choose a specialty weapon from those taught in the course. Range weapons introduced in this course include: short and long bows, crossbows, thrown daggers, darts and hand-axes, and blow-darts. Also briefly touched upon is the Guildmaster's prefered range weapon: gnomish spikes.

Poisons and Poultices
Beginning herbology is one of the first courses prospective guildmembers are taught early on in their training. Which herbs are natural healers and which are natural poisons and antidotes are important skills to a warrior. Minor magics of plants and potions is also quickly touched upon to test applicants natural aptitude for spellcraft. Those with the knack are enrolled in more advanced courses on the subject after the completion of this class.

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