The Berserks

The Teachings of Skullsplitter

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Woodland Lore
One of the major lessons of the Berserks is to understand the world around you. Knowing what Nature has created and how to dwell in every environment is essential to the survival of the Berserk Warrior. True woodsman are alerted to danger, food and oddities by observing the world around them and knowing what does and does not belong. The Berserk seek closeness with nature to better uderstand their enemies and the terrain of battle. This a key and continuous lesson that must always be kept in mind throughout the training and beyond.


Weapons of Necessity
Every Berserk finds himself at some point unarmed and facing armed opponents, the only weapons availible are those of the attackers. The Berserk are taught to disarm enemies and to use there weapons against them. To this end they are taught to use and be familiar with every conceivable type of weapon. From battle axes, to thrown axes, to ordinary tree axes, the Norse use the axe in various ways. You will learn to use the battle axe with deadly kill. Though throwing axes are common among the Norse, the Berserk do not use thrown or missile weapons. But any weapon can be launched to take down a fleeing foe.


Second most common of weapons to the Berserk and to all Viking warriors is the sword. It's variations make it a weapon of limited mastery, but to each variation there is a style and finesse. Students are taught to understand all swords and to choose the weapon that fits them best.

Single Mind
The most famous of Berserk traits is the Fury, the ability to focus on the battle with such clarity nothing else matters. This allows a berserker's body to withstand killing damage and continue to fight. It also gives greater strength and fighting ability to the focused warrior. Not only the Norse Berserk are capable of this, the celts have had several Hot Blooded heroes in their history as well.

Lief the Skullsplitter's Berserk Warriors, welcome to your new life.