The Guide to Scatterwalk Academy

Welcome to the comprehensive guide to Scatterwalk Academy!


I will be your tour-guide on this journey. My name is Ramp Sorlen, Instructor Sorlen to those who enroll in the Academy. All information given here is availible on the pages of the individual guilds and links are provided. The crests you see on the pages are links to the sites of the guild, from there you may contact the Master of the Guild or go to our main site, by clicking on the shield above, and enroll in Scatterwalk Academy.

   I am getting ahead of myself. We are a group of adventurers and friends that teach the basics in all manner of professions, including fighting techniques, wizardry, bardic knowledge, and stealth. Our academy helps those interested in becoming members to choose a profession and skill and trains them in their chosen field.

Of all the journeys one takes in a lifetime, those taken with friends are the easiest to bear.