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A solitary tower to the southwest...this is one of Eleri's resting spots. It lies about halfway between the two families. Only Eril and Teel know of its existence. It is, after all, the place of Eleri's birth.

Minister Ystudfach's parentage lies between two unfriendly peoples. Of all the Instructors at The Academy, The Bard of Edgewood knows what it is to be unwanted and without a homeland. No student need fear such reprisal nor such treatment as long as the Keep is under the control of it's current Master.

The Keep is not nearly as mysterious as its proprietor, Eleri Ystudfach

"What you do not know is infinite. What you know you do not realize. Study here and all will be revealed."

Nestled in the southeastern region of the Edgewood lies the small fortress known as Scatterwalk Keep. From it's crenelated walls is a clear view of the south edge of the forest, where it borders the Southspire swamp, and the Lonely Summit to the west. The Lonely Summit is a single mountain poking straight up into the sky with the swamp on the south foot and the sea lapping on the west face. On the east face of the mountain are several caves visible from the Keep, including the complex of caves that are home to a large family of scatter, mountain lions with long forward facing quills and almost human faces.

This warren gives the Keep it's name. To the north and west of the Keep is the thickest region of the southern Edgewood forest. The area surrounding the Keep has been cleared to allow several crops to be grown to feed the cattle and citizens of the Keep by the klownies who tend the small herds and fields. Inside the two-story stone walls is the castle itself, which has four tower mounted ballistae and several small catapults for defense. The Keep's granite walls are surrounded by a small moat fed from a fresh water stream that runs from a spring near the town of LongDay to the Calm Sea. The castle is built of the same stone as the outer walls, with only the flat topped towers visible from outside the Keep. Though a large clearing surrounds Scatterwalk, it remains difficult of find among the thick trees since only a faint wagon trail leads to it from the town.

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Be careful where you go...
Beware the Band of the Bard...wipe your feet...
The Divine Home
Excerpt from: The Divine Order of the Manteis

"The Lord of the Green doth live in us all, he hath knowledge none can fathom. His holy sight hast been granted to those born with his blessing, they are ne'er far from his heart. The gift of the Manteis lies not in the gift of foresight, but in the ability to look into the hearts of man and find truth. The Green Lord doth love all the world, but hath only hate for lies and treachery. The glory of the natural world and it's enduring strength empowers those who follow the Lord of the Fields, they shall not fall to weakness, nor death."

Lore-Master Eleri Ystudfach

Eleri Ystudfach
Southland Skald
Bard of Edgewood
Master of
Scatterwalk Academy