Each Guild teaches their students a profession. These Professions are broken into 4 basic categories: Warrior, Wizard, Priest, and Rogue.
A Warrior uses strength and agility along with training in a weapon or unarmed style to best his foes with physical attacks; fists, swords, arrows, wrestling holds, etc.
A Wizard uses arcane knowledge and the ability to form magic to defeat foes and solve issues. Their intelligence is their most prized asset.
A Priest is a devout follower of a specific Deity who strives to bring the word of their Deity to the populace and uphold the tenets of faith. The Deity offers them the ability to use magic different than of the wizard, in exchange for their devotion.
The Rogues include thieves, cat burglars, beggars and even bards, all those who would have their needs granted rather than work for their fare. Not necessarily evil, these adventures are studied in traps, stealth, and trickery.
These basic "classes" are broken down even further into kits, or skill-sets. Choose a link from the menu on the right for further explanation.